Monday, April 14, 2008

Tree pollen, springtime and allergies

Spring is in the air here in NC and the Pollen is flying.

Our house is surrounded by Pine trees and other coniferous timbers. Every spring the pollen flies freely from these trees, coating everything within its reach with a fine yellow powder.

Imagine a powdered sugar coating everything and turning it a sickly shade of chartreuse.

Luckily, it has been raining a bit so it has been able to kind of wash things away and keep the pollen levels in a manageable state. But we now have yellow crusted water puddles everywhere. Kind of gross to look at.

So thankfully that rain has been keeping my allergies to a minimum. Once a year I get really sick with allergies, which usually turns into bronchitis of some sort and a few weeks of snoring, dry mouth and sore throat. My eyes get so weepy and itchy and red. It usually turns into pinkeye from me rubbing my eyes. Allergy Season in the McBride house is NOT fun.
So this year I decided to outsmart my body. A few months ago I bought some raw local grown honey from a bee farm. I have been eating a little bit of it every day (unbeknownst to my husband). I used to do it as a kid with my dad, and it seemed to help. So I am trying it again.

So far so good. Mostly minor afflictions (slightly stuffy nose, dry eyes). Hopefully it is a combination of the local honey and the rain. I could get used to this.
knock on wood...

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