Friday, April 4, 2008

Turn on the Water Works, dear

I am a crier. I am famous for shedding tears at things that are not even remotely sad.
My Best Friend, Lindsey, drew a charicature of me one at various movies with my varying degrees of sobs. Little tiny tears, more tears, bawling and Niagara falls.

But here are some things that I cry at, and have cried at in the past:

1. Harry and the Handersons. Yes the stupid movie about Bigfoot. In the end when they had to say goodbye and let him go back into the forest and he was back with his own bigfoot-ians. I cried. I was happy that he was back with his own. I was sure he missed them and rejoiced to be home.

2. City Slicker. Bad guys...gun...Norman the cute little calf. Need I say more? "Noooo! Not Norman!!!"

3. Romeo and Juliet (The old version with Olivia Hussy and Leonard Whiting). Cried because it was true love and they killed themselves. Now thats passion.

4. Titanic...well in all honesty Lindsey, Pam and I were all bawling like little girls in THAT one.

5. Lady Jane Grey(with Helena Bonham Carter and Cary Elwes). Historical romance about the ill fated Lady Jane Grey and her husband Lord Dudly. Cried when they were executed after just finding love.

6. Hallmark Commercial: Take your pick. The one I cry the most at is when the young student comes in and gives his teacher a hallmark card to tell her thank you for all the extra hard work in helping him with his reading...and he is reading it to her. GAH!

7. A Baby Story. Every time a baby is born I cry. The mother is relieved and crying and happy, I am am crying because SHE is crying.

8. Extreme Home Makeover Home Edition. If there is a widow or a sick child, forget about it. I am toast.

9. A Kodak Picture: Kodak was running a photo contest and they had a whole slew of photographs blown up and on display at Good Morning America or the Today Show. There was one picture of a boy on a tire swing over a lake. The sun was setting, he wa swinging out over the lake and his fingers were kind of trailing in the water. Cried like a 2 year old.

10. Tombstone: Yes my favorite rock em sock em cowboy movie EVER. Cried when the brother got shot through the Billiard Hall Window.

11. Boys in the Hood. I had to watch this for my "Americans in Film" class in college. Cried when Ricky got Mowed down by a gang shooting. He had his whole life ahead of him and a football scholarship and a baby at home. He had just received word that his SAT scores were good enough to go to college. Then at the end of the movie find out that his brother was killed shortly thereafter as well. cried cried cried. Did I mention I cried?

12. The Nanny. Yes Fran Drescher sitcom now on syndicated reruns on Lifetime. I LOVEd this show and I DVR them and rewatch them. Well yesterday they had the Mothers Day Episode (from the 1st season). As you know the Sheffields mother died and a few years later Fran becomes the nanny. Mr Sheffield doesnt like to talk about his dead wife and kind of tries to keep the kids busy and otherwise occupied over Mothers Day weekend. Well they joined a country Club and Fran joins a mother daughter contest with The youngest and one of the contestants finds out that Fran is the Nanny and not the mother and makes a big stink about it, thus upsetting the little girl, Grace. Well Grace wasnt upset that she was remembering her mother and it was making her sad, she was upset because she DIDNT remember her mother and Mr Sheffield would never talk about her. So in the end Mr Sheffield puts in a video tape of old home movies of the mother with the kids playing Badminton together and Little Grace and the mother are hugging and waving to the camera and she remembers. I was BAWLING. Shoot I am crying right now as i type. Charles was like "Are you CRYING??? At the NANNY???"

Ok there you have it. I wear my heart on my sleeve. My emotions run high and I cry at the drop of a hat...and this is only the tip of the iceburg!
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