Thursday, April 10, 2008

My garden

Yesterday i made the hubby mow the lawn. It was a jungle out there. We have had so much rain and mild nights the grass has just sprung up.

Then we worked in the garden and got one of the beds done and planted our tomatoes.

We got an Heirloom plant (German Queen), A Bush Goliath(big tomaotes) and 2 of the sweet 100 cherry tomatoes. We are going to Renfrows hardware today to get some more tomato. They usually have the sweet olive tomatoes and romas. So we may get one of each. Maybe pick up a bag of ladybugs as well.

We are also planting Green beans (bush bean) i did a pole bean the past 2 years and I am TIRED of building trellises and stringing them with garden twine etc. so we are doing the bush beans that require no staking.

We got a jalapeno plant and an anaheim pepper plant. We also got Poblano Pepper seeds and are going to try some of those as well(Charles seems to think I know how to make rellenos)

We bought zucchini and yellow squash. I am thinking about basil and maybe some other herbs.

so I have a long day of planting ahead of me, i had better head out. Wish me luck!!
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