Thursday, April 3, 2008

Moooooo, Mooooooo...Moo

I have heard nothing but Moo on etsy and in the etsy forums.
I found out they were a printing company and something about mini business cards or whatnot. i didnt think I would have any use for them.
Then on Etsy Resources they have a section specifically for Moo.
MOO IS FREAKING AWESOME! You can read about them here.
I INSIST upon you reading this article.

There is even an announcement that Moo and etsy have teamed up for a promotion.

The ideas that the etsy labs used for moo blew my mind.
My mind has been working overtime since I discovered this article.

i am thinking about applying for a spot in the upcoming crafting patch show here in charlotte.(thanks socaligirl!) I also have a show in October I am doing. I already have business cards that I love, but i really love the idea of stickers and using mini cards as garlands.

I am going to have to get my camera busy busy busy and get cracking!

Moo also has photos and designs already done for those who dont want to mess with their own photos.

You can get a pack of mini cards and have up to 100 designs! How awesome is that?
Sticker books are the same.

The prices are super reasonable.

So follow the etsy promotion link to Moo.
decide what you want to do and click on your product
it will ask you to enter your etsy username and password
then it will pull up all of your pictures in your listings and you can choose from those which ones to upload and print off.

IDEAS for moo:(on the etsy article)

Hang Tags
trading cards
playing cards
place cards
Backgrounds for your jewelry products
holiday tags

and more.

If you read the article, you will be so inspired. I am just amazed at the awesome things they did with the moo!

Dont have etsy?? You can go directly to
upload and fire off at will!

Well i am off to update some pictures so i can join the moo revolution.
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