Friday, June 20, 2008

America's Got My new favorite trombonist

So this week "America's Got Talent" started up again for its third season. For those of you who dont watch, AGT is a talent show for people of any age, talent etc to perform in front of 3 judges.
You can sing, dance, do comedy, magic, baton twirling...ANYTHING. If they like you, you get a callback and start performing for America and we vote through the phone and internet. The people with the lowest votes get kicked off every week. Kind of Like American Idol, but with wierder people.

If you recall in season 1, Bianca Ryan, the 11 year old with the pipes of gold took the million dollar prize.

THEN in Season 2 Terry Fator took the million with his impressions and ventriloquism.He has since signed a 110 MILLION dollar contract in Vegas, making him the winningest reality TV star ever. This was my favorite Terry Fator moment. (Maybe because I am a huge Roy Orbison fan)
Go to You Tube and search Terry Fator and watch some of his performances, you will see how amazing he really is.

But for season 3, I would have to say thusfar my FAVORITE audition was Jonathan Arons from New York City. Iwill admit, he walked out and I thought "Oh this is going to be terrible". The music started and I thought "Yeah, I was right". THEN he pulled out the magic. I was laughing so hard I just about cried. This guy is brilliant.

I wish I had moves like him.
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