Wednesday, June 18, 2008

A great Tag from Lindsey

Ok a few weeks ago I was tagged by Lindsey to do a really cool tag. However it was all about your favorite blogs and the post that started your love affair with them etc. I can only pick five, and if you look off to the right of my blog you will see a HUGE amount of blogs that I read .
Now I LOVE each and every blog that I read and it is hard for me to pick just five. So if I leave you off I am very sorry but please know that if your link is on my blog I read you on a daily basis. But for this tag I am choosing the following individuals (and be sure to read the links, they are the reason I love these bloggers)

1. LIST OF THE DAY: He can have some pretty bad stuff on there(R rated), but One post that had me cakling all day like a hyena was this one. THEN he posted Olan Mills and glamour shots baddies and had me wetting my pants. But I have to say my favorite is This one, (if celebrities looked like normal people)

2. LINDSEY THE HAIRWRECKER: So yes she and I have been friends since we were 15 years old. She and I both find the same things funny. She and I both have the exact same favorite books. We are both tried and true class A hairwreckers, both experts on every diet known to man and both have had to deal with her grandmother, Busia. We also have the same unphotogenic gene in our bodies But the post I laugh the most at was this classic "Prepare for Pain". I know that when I read a hairwrecker post I am in for hilarity.

3. HIGHDESERTDIVA: This gal from Oregon inspires me daily. She is an interior designer and collector of amazing vintageness! They moved to central Oregon, and bought a GREAT piece of land and have a double wide that she is remodeling. (they decided they would rather have great land than a huge house. The things she has done with her design is amazing.)Her hubby is a metalsmith so her house is full of AWESOME things he makes for her as well. Jealousy is starting to rear its ugly head here, so I must move on. But Charmaine you rock...totally.

4. HOMEISWHEREYOURPILLOWIS. This thoroughly entertaining blog is written by my neice, Denice. She is an ESL school teacher in Korea right now (She bravely teaches first graders. God Bless you Denice) Her blog is like a little travelogue and really quite funny. This is her first post . I especially Liked this easter post , with ramblings about her blue hoodie, and this post where her kids gave her a korean name. I really like her blog because the first few weeks(months) she was there she would go for walks, usually end up getting lost and come back with a funny story to tell and beautiful pictures.
But then there is THIS post about Progress reports (complete with pictures and what she would have LIKED to say) that had me cracking up. She seems to really be adjusting to Korean Life.

5. PIONEERWOMAN. She was living the high city life when she met Marlboro man and they moved to a cattle ranch. Why do I love pioneer woman?? Her Recipes! check out Marlboro Mans Favorite Sandwich and her marriage proposal Lasagna and the chooclate sheet cake.
Her photography! She shows you how to use photshop and elements and the different tools and how to sharpen your photography skills. Her Dogs! I want to take Charlie home with me and just snuggle in all his wrinkles!! Plus she uses words like dad gum and plum (as in Plum tuckered out). The fact that she had the life in the city and then was swept away by a cattle rancher just amazes me. Plus she holds all these cool giveaways and contests. One day I may win!!!

Honorable mentions: Dawn, Erin and Cheasty. Plus all the etsy blogs I read, which inspire me to be more creative.
Now I dont believe in tagging because people get mad. So if you want to do it, feel free, it is yours. I tag you all!!!
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