Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Theme and Variation

I decided to bead this weekend. I havent made anything new in awhile and I broke in my new desk and "jewelry station". It was heavenly. I had plenty of room, everything was neat, organized and right within reach. Made my stringing fun again!

OK, Remember this pink bracelet... I made it for my mom and she never wears it, thus perpetuating my feelings of inadequacy??

Well I took the pink bracelet and used it as the original pattern, then made 3 variations on it with different stones, including another pink one. I made several of each design, so I would have one to sell and one to keep.(because lets face it, you can never have too much jewelry! )

Here are the 3 I have strung thusfar:
Baby Blue is a Cats eye, glass pearl and swarovski bicone bracelet with sterling silver and pewter. Finished off with a toggle clasp.
Blue Stone is made from an aqua colored stone bead, glass pearl , white cats eye, sterling silver and pewter. The clasp is a self springing claw clasp, so it is easy on easy off...however I will be changing it to a toggle clasp once I get my delivery.

Ruby Red is red czech fire polish faceted rounds, glass pearl sterling silver and pewter. Currently There is a claw clasp, which will also be changed to toggle clasp.

I will be listing these in my etsy shop sometime this week.

I will be making several more of these in various colors(I also have a green milk glass, a pink cats eye, a purple milk glass and a white firepolish.

Since this is one of my more popular designs I am going to make a good selection of them to sell at the craft show in October. I will be creating them in birthstone colors. (garnet, amethyst, aquamarine, diamond, emerald, pearl, ruby, peridot, sapphire, citrine, opal, and blue topaz) I will mostly use czech firepolished glass beads. For Pearl I will be using swarovski glass pearls and for the opal I will be using round swarovski beads in "white opal".

I will be designing Moo cards to go along with each month and attach the card as a tag to the bracelets.

Since they are a costume jewelry and most of the findings are pewter, they are much more affordable than if it were completely sterling silver. So I am hoping to have much success with these at my craft show.

have a great Tuesday!

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