Tuesday, June 3, 2008

A funny Thing...or three

So this weekend and up into this week has been pretty interesting. A few funny things happened, a not so funny thing happened etc.

1. (Not so funny). On Sunday at Church, Charles went out of Sacrament meeting to finish preparing his sunday school lesson or use the bathroom or a combination of both, I am not sure. Maybe he was mad at me. Who knows. The Kids automatically went into "brat" mode and I had to separate them. I put Peter in the pew in front of me and Finn was next to me. Finn starts crying and yelling "I want my brudder!" Peter starts pretend shooting me with his built in Optimus Prime Transformers lasar and is just being so very disruptive. I got Finn calmed down and back to normal, but Peter was just acting worse and worse. So I leaned forward and told him "Get out. Leave sacrament and go outside in the hall and wait until we are done in here". He gets up and yells "FINE!" and walks out. The rest of sacrament went fine and then Charles comes back in and asked "Where's Peter" I said "He isnt with you?" Nope. We walked around the enitre building, looked in all the classrooms and sunday school classes etc. Couldnt find him anywhere. I am starting to freak out and I see a sweet lady from our church walking hand in hand with Peter bringing him back to the building. Apparently he zoned out after I said "Get out and go outside". He didnt hear(or pretended not to hear) the part where I said wait in the hall. He went outside, walked up to the road and was walking along the sidewalk towards the busy main road. I dont know what he would have done once he got there. I am just thankful that Jane found him before he got much farther. I was SO EMBARASSED though. Honestly I cant even believe he did that. He got into so much trouble when he got home though. He has lost all Transformers for a week. he cannot watch the movie, he cannot watch the cartoon, he cant even pretend to be a transformer, in fact he cant even TALK about transformers. I had visions of DSS coming to take away my children because I lost them during church.

2. We have a married couple that live in our town that we see walking around regularly. They are both blind and they both have seeing eye dogs. The other day we were driving down the street and the woman was walking on the sidewalk coming towards us. Her dog was spooked about something. He put on the brakes and was trying to lean against her and backing up. He REFUSED to cooperate. So she leans down to talk to the dog and as we are driving by looks straight at us. Charles, not thinking, Does a friendly Head Nod to her. (You know you see someone, but if your hands are full you do the head nod). He started laughing and I asked what was so funny. "I just nodded to the blind lady" Just kind of a silly something that struck me as funny.

3. We thoroughly believe in Freecycle. This weekend Charles listed a computer system up for grabs. It was 10 years old, and just kind of worthless to us. I have been BEGGING him for the past 3 years to please get rid of it. So he finally listed it and within an hour had about 7 requests.
The funniest email: I am an expiring writer
I wonder if he is writing his Last Lecture?

See what we got from Freecycle this weekend....(ignore the ground that is in desperate need of a leaf blower and power wash)

It is a large Gas Grill and it is in perfect working condition. It comes with the side burner too. The exact kind of grill I have been wanting the past few years. (what I would REALLY love is the huge grill like Alton Brown has, unfortunately we just dont have the room for it) Maybe someday.

The grill needs a little cleaning, but other than that works perfectly. I also will be replacing the rocks in the grill as the ones that are in it are kind of messy and old. They still work, I just would rather have new hot rocks to make it look pretty. I am kind of vain that way, as I do all the grilling in the house and I like my grill to be aesthetically pleasing.

SO check out your local freecycle. It is an amazing network. After all one mans trash is another mans treasure.

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