Monday, June 16, 2008


Ok not much to show except this:

My first little harvest. I have a zucchini, which grew a little too big (but in my defense it wasnt nearly ready 2 days ago. Next thing I know boom it is gigantic). I have 3 more zucchini just about ready out there as well. Looks like I am making zucchini bread this week.

I have an anaheim pepper that I have no idea what to do with right now. I guess I could chop it up and put it on taco's.

A hand ful of bush beans , with lots of them still out there "ALMOST READY"

and 2 grape tomatoes. I have several clusters of them that are just now starting to turn. They are that greeny orangy streaky color. But given a few days and more water and sunshine we will be good to go. They were delicious. So sweet and still warm from the sun. Nothing better than fresh from the garden tomatoes. We dont use pesticides or fertilizer and we hose them down every day so I feel comfortable that my kids can go out and pick them straight from the plant and not worry about them eating them straight from the garden.

My Romas will be coming into their own fairly soon as well. I have lots of those, just hanging out waiting their turn to color.

I still have nothing on my heirlooms though and it is frustrating. I dont know how to get them to grow. Heirloom vegetables are hard to grow, which I why I only got ONE heirloom plant. They taste etter than any of the other tomatoes, but for some reason they are finicky and a little more difficult. I dont know why.

anyhoo thats my garden this week.

Happy Monday!

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