Thursday, June 5, 2008

Sneak Peek

As Promised!! Sneak Peek Pictures of my ALMOST DONE craft room.

These are mostly in progress and "look at that gigantic mess" pictures. I realized I only have 1 picture from before and it only shows the one corner. Here is A before shot:

So imagine this is wall one. A small craft desk and a set of two stackable drawer units, and some shelving. Then on wall two to the left, imagine a 2 tier computer desk, which was really too small for everything we have for it. Now wall three(which if you are standing facing this wall one, is behind it) had a small desk which our OLD computer stood on, next to some filing cabinets. Wall 4 which is to the right of this wall one had boxes lined up of packing materials, boxes, envelopes, mailing supplies etc. We had about 3foot by 5 foot area in the middle of it all. BUT in this clear middle was boxes of Cosmetics packagings, boxes of butters, oils, salts, fragrances etc. I had honestly enough room to walk in and sit at the computer and a tiny path to reach all my boxes and stuff. It was chaos and utterly depressing.

Top Left: The desk in pieces, standing against the wall in my TV room, waiting to be assembled.

Top Right: Mostly put together with Junk stuill in the way and needing a good cleaning

Bottom Left: Junk Junk and more junk, still needing to find a home.

Bottom Right: Getting there!!

imagine a few more hours of blood, sweat and tears.

Top left: The computer area before setting up the computer

Top Right: The computer area AFTER setting up the computer

Bottom Left: Before setting up

Bottom right: AFTER finding places for some of my craft stuff

So thats what I have so far. We have freecycled our old computer, our small computer desk and our bigger 2-tier computer desk. We are freecycling our Total Body Gym (which lets face it was a really expensive clothes hook). We are freecycling boxes of old computer parts, accessories, comic books, etc.

It is getting there, and I for one am thrilled. We have so much room in there now we could put a queen sized bed!

Now I just have to keep it this way...Aye, there's the rub (Hamlet)

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