Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Lookout Mountain Incline Railway

This weekend we went to Chattanooga, Tennessee for a family reunion. My mothers maternal side is from Chattanooga and Scottsboro Alabama. My mothers paternal side is from Sherwood Tennessee. So every year in June we pack up and head down to one of my favorite southern cities.

Every year we do something "touristy". We usually go to Lookout Mountain and ride up the incline. At the top we look out and "see 6 states" (which you can only do on a perfectly clear day and with binoculars) The incline is the worlds steepest passenger railway.

Lookout Mountain was the scene of the first Battle of Chattanooga during the American Civil War. "The Battle Above the Clouds" took place on Lookout Mountain. LM can get really foggy and cloudy and the middle half of the mountain gets shrouded in clouds. The union forces and confederate forces had to hold fire in case they hit their own men. Chattanooga had some of the bloodiest battles in the history of the entire war. Several ancestors were killed in these battles.

Here is a photo montage of us riding up the incline etc.

SEE ROCK CITY! Most Americans recognize this red barn birdhouse and slogan .

From wikipedia:
"It is well-known for the many barn roofs throughout the southeast United States that have the slogan "See Rock City" painted on their roofs. In total, over 900 barn roofs in nineteen states were painted by Clark Byers for Rock City."

The second you cross Tennessee borders they innundate you with Billboards about Rock City and Ruby Falls.
In fact we have the exact same birdhouse in our backyard.

We had a great time at the incline and on lookout mountain. Next time you are in Chattanooga TN, check it out!
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