Monday, June 9, 2008

Gardening Monday 6-9-2008

Gardening Monday again! And some pretty big things happened over the past week.
First I walked out to find THIS! I was so excited. My first red tomato!!

Awwww, too bad. Something got to it before I did. In its defense, it WAS grown right near the ground. Probably the neighbors cat or something.

Remember the baby bush beans from last monday, those little scrawny podlings??

Well check out these bad boys! Just about ready to be eaten!

Then I discover that my one grape tomato plant has shot up in size. (It looks scrawny from the way I prune them, but I already have several clusters on that plant)

And here are some of my NEWEST babies:

New Roma's and new grape clusters. And my Jalapeno plant has invited a few of his jalapeno friends to hang out!

Here are pictures of my Redneck Compost Bin, as promised:

We use an extra large dog kennel. It has the slots for aeration and the gate to cover the top.
It can roll, so we can easily "turn" the compost and there are enough openings for moisture to get in where needed.
We picked this up in our neighbors backyard when they moved out and left it behind.
You really can use just about anything to compost. As long as it gets the proper mix of greens, browns, scraps, moisture and air, you can make it anywhere.

I am lucky that I do have a larger area to compost in. It really can make a huge difference in your gardening results.

Happy Gardening!
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