Friday, June 27, 2008

My week in Photos

Stating the obvious: I updated my blog again. hopefully this will cure the problems of the background not loading and the difficulty of reading it.

Also my Chocolate Give-away is still going on, you can enter HERE. It ends tomorrow night at 8pm.

Photos of my week:

I took this photo in the flower gardens at the Chattanooga Choo Choo. I really love water lilies and it was all perky and perfect and pretty.
So I took a picture of it. In fact I went through the gardens snapping pictures of ALL the flowers. I know people thought I was berserk. Oh well.

Here is Finn chowing down on Watermelon. It is one of his favorite things. I thought he was going to lay it down on the ground and lower himself into it. His ENTIRE FACE was covered in watermelon juice by the end of this eating extravaganza. It was kind of hard to get this shot, as he was diving face first into it so quickly.

This is Jake the dog.
I really liked this picture as it looked like he was laughing --I like to think he was chuckling at white and nerdy trying to get rid of the burrowing yellow jackets nest. (spray stuff and run run run. come back, agitate the nest and then run run run. Spray more stuff run run run. agitate the nest again run run run. It was pretty comical)

EWWWWWWW, what the heck is THAT?? Well THAT is a sign that those stupid glass doors and metal tracks are OFF my tub now!!! Our upstairs bathroom has a tub that had those acrylic sliding doors attached to it, in those metal tracks. They were so hard to keep clean, that metal track just got absolutely DISGUSTING and I just couldnt take it anymore.

So we ripped off the doors and track to uncover the previous owners who had installed these stupid things in the first place and used some sort of tacky grey paste to glue them down. Then they did a piss poor job of silicone caulking around the rails.
I borrowed my dads chisel and got all that gunk off. We got one of those Hotel style outward curve shower curtains. It looks so much better.

We got a really pretty fabric shower curtain. It is a sheer pale salmon and lime and maroon pinstripe.(hard to describe, but it really is pretty. And it is kind of hard to see in the pictures)Our house is 40 years old so it is built like an older house. It has a pretty small toilet area. The bathroom itself is fairly large but the toilet and tub are a separate room from the main sink area. It didnt help that the door between the two sections of the bathroom opened INTO the tub area. So it opened into the tub area and covered up the towel bar and we had no room for a bath mat. If you went int there to use the bathroom you practically had to stand on the tub to shut the door. So Charles took off the door and we got new hinges and hung it on the opposite side of the door so it now opens into the main section . It REALLY opens up the tub/toilet area. I am just thrilled.

Now If I can only make a decision on paint color. I know I am going pale green (like a pale lime green) but I am having a hard time deciding WHICH pale Lime green. I have it narrowed down to 8. Those people at Home Depot just groan and say "Oh here comes that Lady to pull out 400 more green paint chips again"

I am going to tape them all to my bathroom wall and everytime I come in I will pull off one I dont like. It will be the "Survivor" of paint chips. Perhaps I shall devise immunity challenges as well.

Maybe when I am done I shall make a Paint Chip Wallett.

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