Wednesday, June 4, 2008

My house is a disaster

Authors update: I know I said I was proud of Charles, however I am feeling like I need to take it back. He was pulling out old floppy disks to save. WE DONT EVEN HAVE A COMPUTER THAT ACCEPT FLOPPIES! He said that he wanted to go through and make sure there was nothing personal on them, such as financials, social security numbers etc. I NEVER store anything sensitive like that on floppy disks, and if I do I would write on there what it was. I finally got him to throw them away after getting snotty and refusing to talk to him.
He was saving the paper sleeves to loose CD ROM's we no longer have. We only have like 4 of those stupid CD holder cases he can use!! And dont get me started on the comic despite our best efforts to De-junk, we STILL have too much stuff. (And yes Charles, most of it is my craft stuff, which I CANT get rid of because it is my business and scant livelyhood!)

My craft room was getting to be a bit "cramped". We pulled EVERYTHING out of this computer room/craft area ,distributed it evenly throughout the house, and decided to go hard-core getting rid of stuff we dont even use. I am so proud of charles! His need to organize overcame his need to pack-rat. I could see the raging internal battle over certain cords, computer parts, papers etc. It was KILLING him to get rid of a few things, but he did it. We put out 2 GIANT bags of trash(lawn bags), a 2 level computer desk, and a small craft table/sewing desk. If you are in the Charlotte area feel free to come by and pick them up and use them for your own.

We got a big bad voodoo daddy of a desk from someone on freecycle and have been putting it together. When i say Big desk, i really mean behemoth. It is an actual industrial L-shaped Cubicle, complete with walls, top filing drawer and overhead lights. No screws, everything slides together. We picked it up the other day and it was in about 27 different pieces. We didnt have instructions on how to put it together, nothing- just a van full of panels, desk pieces, rails, shelving, supports etc.

But with our impressive combined I.Q. we were able to figure it out and get it together. We only had to take it apart twice before getting it mostly correct. But it makes a HUGE difference in the room. There is so much more space and we have a TON of desk space and room for business, crafts etc. It really is amazing and I am thrilled with the results.

Now i just need to get everything BACK into the office, arranged, put away, dejunked even MORE etc...
I have been taking pictures of before and after and will post when my new office/craft room is finished. Prepare to be amazed.

Happy Hump Day!
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