Thursday, May 29, 2008

My Favorite pieces of Jewelry

I made this bracelet for my mom for Her Birthday 7 months ago. I made it in Pink and White as my mother is a Breast Cancer survivor. I thought it would be appropriate. Plus she wears a lot of pink.

She has NEVER worn it. My feelings are a little bit hurt, to be quite honest.
Should I ask for it back, or Would that be rude?
I mean why keep it locked up or in a jewelry box?
Do you think she is just keeping it to be nice, or will she actually wear it one day? I know that I would wear it, and I know she likes this kind of jewelry. Maybe she is just afraid she will break it. Mom, I make jewelry, I can repair it!
I used Czech Fire Polished faceted rounds, cats eye, swarovski glass pearls, and sterling silver daisy spacers, rounds and bead caps. Had I bought this at Nordstroms it would have been $50! I am thinking about recreating it in aquamarine and in a baby blue.

I made and sold this necklace quite awhile ago, but really loved it.
I think I may recreate it in a pink or green or even a white/silver. It is 6 strand seed bead and glass bead necklace with swarvski crystal and sterling silver. the seed beads are cobalt, turquoise and aqua and the glass beads are various glass beads.
The clasp is what I love most about it. It is a sterling silver filigree adjustable clasp. I went back to the bead shop where I purchased it and she no longer has it in stock. I am bummed.

I LOVED this piece(which I sold almost 2 years ago, but am STILL trying to find a way to recreate it. ) I can't find the mother of Pearl buttons with the single hole drilled into the center. This was a 12 strand MOP coin and transparent lime green seed beads. I just loved it and was sad to part with it. Maybe someday I can find the right beads I need to have another one.

It was the greatest necklace, it went with EVERYTHING: pink, blue, green, black, purple. I dont think there was an outfit it COULDN'T match to be quite honest.
So if anyone knows where I can get about 500 of these little MOP coins single center drilled, please leave me a comment!

I made this bracelet from Blue Moon Beads. Any craft store carries them(Michaels and A.C. Moore have a great selection...bring a coupon)

Sterling silver wire, czech fire polish faceted rounds, and the blue moon foil slabs and various E-beads and sterling silver rounds. The clasp is a Blue Moon cast metal posey toggle clasp.

I really liked how it turned out, and it goes to show you dont need expensive beads or findings or fixings to make cool jewelry. This is like a chain link bracelet. Each bead "set" is on it's own sterling silver wire and it links to the next bead set.

I also really was pleased with how these turned out. To me they had kind of a vintage feel and reminded me of something my grandmother would have in her jewelry box.
Red Jasper and Swarovski glass pearls with sterling silver filigree bead caps and sterling silver rounds. All on Sterling earwires.
I found the jasper rounds in a bargain Bin at a local bead shop and they shouted my name. The pealrs are actually not white, they are more of an ivory. So the creamy ivory and the dark red really go well together.
I totally wish I wore earrings.
Anyone want to go to Claires with me to get my ears pierced??
Maybe it is just me but I LOVE big bold jewelry. I love multi strand and large nugget jewelry.
BTW Shanda, the necklace you had on last night at Book club was totally cute.
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