Friday, May 23, 2008

Why I will never win a mother of the year award

So, I got tired of Finn asking when we were going to Disney World.(October)
"When do we go? Thats going to take FOREVER! I want to go! I want to go on Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin! Hey mom, when are we going to Disney World?" (He pronounces it disney Ward)
So back in January I took a picture of Charles and I in front of Cinderellas Castle and took a picture of Super Finn and photoshopped them together.
He asked me for the 9,427th time how many days we had until "Disney Ward" and I said "What do you mean? We already went!"
His little face crumpled and he stared at me with incredulous eyes, "You went without me?" His little lip quivered , and Then he smiled and said "You're just teasing me mom!"
So, I pulled up the picture on the computer and said, "No, look! See there you are in front of Cinderellas Castle at The Magic Kingdom! You had so much fun! We were right here on Main Street. Remember the dressed up people on the trolleys singing Main Street USA? And we went to the bakery and had a donut and you got a Mickey Mouse Shaped Waffle? Then we came out and Peter took the camera and took this picture of us in front of the castle. Then we went and rode Splash Mountain and Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin and we went to the Country Bears Jamboree. Dont you remember?
He looked at it and thought "Why am I wearing my superhero cape and mask?" I could see the little cogs and wheels turning in his mind. After all I had irrefutible proof. A photo of HIM at Disney World.
I told him he wanted to wear his super hero cape and mask because he wanted to help Save the princesses from the bad guys.
"Oh. I dont remember (or in his case "bemember") Did I meet Mickey?"
"oh yeah, you sure did. He was big and you were kind of scared, but you had a great time. We had a great trip. Dont you remember? But it is kind of expensive, so we're not going back to Disney World for a long time."
I could just tell he was trying to process the information. He didnt remember a thing, yet here I was with a picture. He had been waiting so long to go to Disney World and how on earth had he missed it?
So I asked him again, "Remember when you met mickey? You were kind of scared and didnt want to go meet him, but then you and Peter went up and both gave him a hug? Remember going on Mission space at Epcot? We blasted off like Astronauts to Mars?" I went on citing several more realistic examples, further scarring my child and implanting false memories.
Finally he said "where are the pictures of Peter?"
Darn. Now I am off to photoshop....
I am totally going to hell.
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