Monday, May 5, 2008

Please dont take away my Sunbeams!

At my Church I have 4 various callings.

1. I am on the Enrichment Board for the Relief Society(our womens auxillary and Enrichment is our once a month get together. Basically I am on the board to help decide the activities and plan all that kind of stuff)

2. i am the Choir Pianist.

3. I play the organ for our meetings every other month

4. My favorite, The Sunbeams Teacher. The Sunbeams are the kids who are turning 4 years old this year. It is their Primary class (sunday school). I was called to it at the start of the year. When they first asked me to do it, I was apprehensive, I thought I would hate it. I thought "they dont know what they are talking about! Does any part of me look like i would want to teach 4 year olds? " But turns out it is the best thing I have ever done. I had the SWEETEST class and I really love those kids. I had 7 kids to teach about Jesus and get them started on their spiritual journey. I look forward to every sunday to see my kids and cant wait to hug on them and see how their week was.

WELL, 2 weeks ago a member of the Bishopric pulled me aside and extended me a FIFTH calling, Activity Days co-leader. Activity Day Girls are 8 to 11 years old and they meet 2 tuesday evenings a month. We set goals, do activities to help them achieve these goals, help them work on their faith in God awards etc. He said "remind me of what your other callings are and we can release you from one or two of them"
so I told him what they were and told him "DO NOT RELEASE ME FROM SUNBEAMS!" (My husband was there he heard me say it, i have witnesses) He said "I will talk to the bishop and get this ball rolling".

The following Sunday we were out of town when I was called to Activity Day Girls and released from my other calling...The SUNBEAMS!

I got to church yesterday and the woman behind me (Finn's Primary Teacher) said "Sarah, we are going to miss you in Primary!".


So I ran up to the stand and called one of them over and said "What did you release me from last week?"
He said "Primary Worker, I told you we would be releasing you from something"

So yesterday was my last Sunday teaching them.
So to my dear sweet kids of Sunbeams 4A, I Love you and will miss you, you guys were the BEST calling I have ever had. I am very sad to no longer be your teacher. i tried to stay, but apparently i am needed elsewhere. Hopefully the Activity Day Girls will be as much fun as you guys were!

On a related side note I will hunt down their new teacher and DEMAND i be given first dibs if she ever needs a substitute!!
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