Friday, May 9, 2008

The REAL Mothers day Wish List

Things i REALLY want for Mothers Day...

1. To sleep in and not have to make breakfast or pack lunches or get them bathed or dressed. To just laze in bed, reading and eating pancakes.)

2. A pedicure...No, a DELUXE pedicure with the foot bath and leg massage and heated chair and unlimited supply of People Magazine and Entertainment Weekly while I get my piggies painted a beautiful shade of "Aphrodite's Nightie". hour long massage(a PROFESSIONAL massage. Honey I love you and I love your massages, but there is something to be said about a trained professional who knows exactly how and where to rub to turn me into a useless and limp dishrag)

4. A day to myself with unlimited funds in my pocket to go shopping...Kind of like you see in the movies.

5. A day to myself to indulge in cheesecake, ice cream sundaes, Oatmeal Cream pies...things that are forbidden on my diet...of course and have the calories not count due to it being a holiday.

6. To be able to fill my car or truck full of gas without having to take out a 3rd mortgage on my home.

7. To have Magical Powers like Harry Potter.

8. To be a size 10/12 again without having to diet and exercise...cant I get something in a pill??

9. Kids who listen and hop to when I tell them to get something done. Kids who dont fight over every silly thing. Kids who say "yes Ma'am". "please" and "Thank you" consistenly and sweetly.

10. World Peace.

11. A republican candidate who is NOT john McCain

12. A husband who does not read my email and other stuff over my shoulder, or watch me play a game on my computer. It makes me nervous and I cant play to the best of my ability. It is like he is mentally playing the game and thnking "I wouldnt have made that move".

13. TV Stations who didnt cut in to talk about the tornados in the viewing area, which were not in MY area. They ruined the Thursday Night Line-up on NBC. Now I have to go online and watch them on the computer. So no Earl, Scrubs, 30 Rock or Office Spoilers, Please. NBC you forced me to watch "Dont foget the lyrics" on FOX. THEY wouldnt interrupt if a nuclear bomb was dropped.

14. I want THIS is only $5,000. So start saving your pennies Charles!!
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