Friday, May 16, 2008

They see me mowin'...

Ok so many of you know that I married a nerd. Now not just any nerd...A NERD.

  • He is BRILLIANT in Math
  • He knows every character from Star Trek , their backgrounds and what planet they are from.
  • has posters of Yoda, and the accompanying Star Wars Themed Potato Heads.
  • He reads Sci-fi fantasy above all else,
  • we own every Monopoly and Risk game sets having to deal with Star Wars or Lord of the Rings.
  • He has more comic books than any human being should have, half of them in Portugese.
  • His favorite Christmas gift was the box set of Star Wars Pez Dispensers from my mom.
  • For Valentines Day I got him a musical card with the star Wars Theme and Leia and R2-D2 on the cover.
  • If I dont know what to get him, as long as it involves Yoda or Frodo or Gandalf i think I am safe.
  • If I were to ever have any more kids I swear he would want to name them Samwyse gamgees or Annikin Skywalker.
    UPDATE: I have been vehemenently reprimanded in the spelling and pronunciation of SAMWISE GAMGEE. Its Gamgee NOT Gamgees. get it right.

    Charles has a friend named Jeff. They worked together for 6 years at Windstream Communications. These two were like two peas in a pod. charles finally met someone who understood. Everyday he would come home "Oh Jeff sent me the funniest e-mail..." or "Jeff was watching the Lord of the Rings movies and blah blah blah" . Jeff Jeff Jeff. I was happy that Jeff would now take my place as the person to give two craps about that stuff.

Jeff and his wife had a baby Boy. They named him Hayden. He would have named him Darth or yoda or Luke or annikin if she would have let him. However in a stroke of genius he suggested hayden and she liked it. Charles came home and said "Jeff and April named their baby Hayden". Immediately I responded 'So he managed to name him after Star Wars somehow" Hayden Christensen is the young man who played Anniken Skywalker in Star Wars II and III. Jeff was impressed that I guessed it immediately, and asked me to not tell April...(Kidding)

I like star wars, dont get me wrong. I like sci-fi and lord of the rings...IN MODERATION.
But i was happy that he was happy and all was right with the world.

fast forward to last August. Charles quit Windstream(Hells Kitchen of communications) and went to work for another company. he and Jeff still kept in touch. But Charles just wasnt the same charles. He was a little mopier.
I noticed at the Bottom of his E-mails, charles would sign WANAW and Jeff would sign his something like WANT.
I just figured it was some secret geek club Klingon names for each other. Who knows that they were thinking? sure as heck not me. Who am i to barge into the middle of his trekkie man crush??

Fast forward again to 2 days ago. Driving up to Chapel Hill with Peter I stole Charles' MP3 player and was listening to the nice mix of music. Suddenly I hear what I thought was "Ridin'" by Chamillionaie and Krayzie Bone.
I sat in stunned silence as I thought to myself"He doesnt listen to that kind of music this must be a mistake".
Within 15seconds it all became Perfectly Clear. It was not ridin'... it was White And Nerdy by Wierd Al Yankovic.

It was as if the clouds lifted and it was suddenly all clear. To clarify:

WANT: White and Nerdy Trekkie
WANAW: White and Nerdy and Whipped.

Well at least he's got that right.

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