Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Target Dollar Section

I got the greatest bag at Target. Stonecrest Shopping Center on Rea Rd here in charlotte. Right now they are having a 75% off green dot sale in their dollar section. But in the 2.50 cent bins they had a bunch of beachy stuff. They had this woven straw tote bag. It is pretty big with two sturdy handles and the inside is lined wiyh a fuchsia polka-dot cotton. It is just perfect. I then proceeded to fill my 2.50 tote up with 25 cent items, such as copper plant markers for my garden, a teeny terracotta pot with chives to grow on my windowsill, and a hand held garden rake(it has a pink handle too!). So for a whoping $3.50 i was set.

Let me tell you about my purchases:

The copper plant markers give my garden an air of sophistication now. la dee da.When Charles and i were first married and living in cincinnati I worked at Discovery Comunications in Kentucky. I worked in the Catalog division and was in customer service and took orders for Smith and Hawken, Discovery Channel and The nature company. At Smith and Hawken we used to sell Copper plant markers, and a set of 6 would cost you about $10. These look just as good and I got 10 markers for 50 cents.
It really does make the garden look fancy shmancy.

I didnt expect much out of the countertop chives, to be quite honest. Good thing they were only a quarter. i guess I can dream. Maybe one day I can expand my real garden and include herbs instead of hoping these little pots will produce.

The hand held rake is actually really nice. It is perfect for raking up those straggling weeds, plus it is pink, always a bonus. It is sturdy without being too heavy and has a nice spongy wrap around the wooden handle.

But the thing I love the most is my bag. It is roomy. It is sturdy. I used it for Church carrying music books. I took it to the library. I have been taking it to the stores so I dont come home with plastic bags. I took it to the home economist and loaded it down with 5 pounds of wheat berries, a bag of pumpkin seeds and a bag of sunflower seeds(I am zinc deficient), 2 tubs of the fresh smooshed peanut butter and almond butter and a thing of gummi bears(They were for the kids...HONEST)

I then took it to Trader Joes. If you bring your own bag to Trader Joes right now you are entered into a raffle to win a bag full of TJ favorites. I dont know if it is something they do regularly, or when it ends, but I am gunning for a win.And my winning bag had better include those schoolbox cookies. i am utterly addicted to them.

I am looking forward to taking it to the pool. It is big enough for towels and sunscreen. The thing is it was so cheap that I can go get another one if something happens to this one. In fact I may go back to target today JUST to get another bag to be on the safe side.

Gotta love the Bullseye!!

the two things that made me happy yesterday:

1. We got an AWESOME thunderstorm here last night. We were in Tornado warnings and the rain was so heavy you couldnt see anything. i LOVE a good thunderstorm. There is something so majestic and scary about lightning and thunder. I could just sit and watch a lightning storm over TV any day.

2.Peter had another good day at school yesterday. He also got a new brace for his right foot, so he has been walking better with it as well, not so crooked. It keeps his right foot a little more sturdy and forces his left foot from turning so much inwards. So I am very happy for that.
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