Thursday, May 1, 2008

Paperback Swap and Good Reads

If you are an avid reader like I am, but dont have room for any more books, check out paperback swap!
You can list old books, and swap them with other book lovers. Sign up is free and your fist initial listing of 10 books earns you TWO credits. Each credit is good for one book from another member. So by listing 10 of your old books you earn the right to request 2 books from other members.
If someone requests a book from you, simply wrap it up, print out the mailing label and send off via media mail. once they receive your book they will credit your account and you will get another credit. The nice thing is the maling label already has the info printed on it, the correct mailing charge and MEDIA MAIL or FIRST CLASS MAIL already printed on it. Most paperbacks are 2.13 to mail to another member. They do request you mail out the books within the time you say you are going to, then mark them mailed after doing so.

If you would like to request a book, do a search, choose the one you want and request it. once you receive your book, log in and let PBS know you received it and the sender will earn a credit.
If someone requests a book you are responsible for shipping charges(which are usually 2.13 to 2.47). So if you request a book from someone it is totally free for you.
Want to sign up? Go to during registration they ask who recommended you please put in "sarahmcbride".
Want to earn credits? spread the word and when people use YOU as a recommend you earn credits! If you belong to a book club this is a great way to get your books for free for your readings.(it is what i do). They have waiting lists if the book isnt available as well.

GOODREADS: i love this website.

You can go and sign up for free, and connect with friends, family and other book lovers.

You list the books you have read, or are currently reading or want to read. You can rate the books you have read, write reviews etc. You can request friendship with other members (kind of like myspace) and then see what they are reading, and how they liked it.

Goodreads is a great place to organize your books and spread the word about books you like, dont like, recommend etc.

Want a goodreads friend? Look me up! Under "add friends", go to find friend by email or friend name. My friend name is "slkmcb". i am happy to add new people, and I LOVE finding out what everyone is reading.
I am always looking at my friends lists and taking recommends. It is always so interesting to see what everyone is reading.
When you first sign up they will ask you to search your email address book, but you can skip that part and do it manually(enter email addresses of friends you want to connect with on goodreads)
Try them out and hope to hear from you all!!
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