Monday, May 19, 2008

The Psychic connection

There are two people I am positive that i am psychicly connected to.

#1 is lindsey. When we were 15 we ended our 3 year "I hate you" feud and realized we actually really liked each other and were inseparable. We Liked the same movies, music and books. We had a MILLION inside jokes, and liked to sneak down to Chicago when the Naval Base had their Leave. We would dress up, put on fake French accents and try and meet sailors. Hiya men!

We got banned from sitting next to each other in church as well.

We used to hate the same people and draw mean pictures of them and write mean poems and lyrics about them (HINT: do not leave this list where people can find it...BAD IDEA! People dont like finding out you have been talking about them behind their backs...) After this Ill-fated disaster we were not allowed to play together for an entire month. We could talk on the phone for 15 minutes and that was it. At Young Womens every Wednesday night we were allowed to say Hi to each other and we could hang out as long as we were chaperoned. I missed my lindsey so badly I ached. She was the best friend i had ever had.

But it was wierd. Every time I would pick up the phone to call her she would answer and say "Oh My Gosh! I had the phone in my hand to call you!" And it wasnt a coincidence. It wasnt at the same time every day or anything like that. Just random times throughout the days I would think "I need to talk to lindsey" and boom, the phone would ring, or I would pick up the phone and start dialing and I would hear "Hello hello hello??" The phone hadnt even rung on my end and I picked it up to dial her number and she was already on the line. Even now, 17 years later we STILL do that.

Then when we were about 16 years old I found a book about psychics and how to develop your psychic powers. After Lindsey and I were allowed to play together again, we used to practice. That way if we got grounded from each other again we could still talk to each other, kind of like those twins on Escape to witch Mountain. We practiced on Sending shapes. She would concentrate and think of a shape and I could visualize what shape she was thinking about.

We used to freak out her little sister and her friends. Lindsey would be on one side of the garage with Ashley and her friends and Ashley would whisper some odd shape, like "Rhombus" or "Trapezoid" and Lindsey would think about it. I would close my eyes and concentrate and about 95% of the time we were correct. We could do the same with colors as well. Lindsey was a great sender but a mediocre receiver. I was a great receiver but a lousy sender. Our psychic bond was best when she sent and I received.

Ashley and her friends were convinced it was somehow a scam or trick and that we were sending hints or clues to each other. They made one of us go in the house, or be blindfolded or go behind a screen or something. Somehow it was a trick and they were going ot expose us as the con artists we were. But we werent. It was just this odd connection we have. Strange huh? We havent done psychic sending in years, I wonder if we could still do it?? Lindsey, I am sending you a shape!!

#2 is charles(White and nerdy)(and whipped cant forget that). Ever since the day I met him I knew we were somehow linked. I first met Charles on Feb 7, 1997. It was at a Single Adult Dance at church. I had never seen him before, but when i walked in and was introduced I sensed immediately that there was a connection. i cant describe it. Up until that point I had completely stayed away from those dances and activities. I had a boyfriend and wasnt interested in dating or getting to know any men, in fact the only reason I was there was to have an excuse not to babysit that night for them fmaily I nannied for.
All night I sensed that Charles wanted to ask me to dance. During the Ladies choice he followed me around and in my head I could hear him saying, "Come on, ask me. Come on ask me!". But I didnt. Just to be mean(and a little to boose my self esteem) I walked to various parts of the room, just to watch him follow me around.(I am a total jerkface for doing that, I know)
The last dance I thought to myself "If you want to dance with me you had better ask". Next thing I know someone asks me to dance right as Charles came up. I picked the other person to dance with, as he had gotten to me first. In my mind I thought "Next time ask earlier" Honestly I thought I saw his head shake, like he was agreeing with what i had mentally chided him. I dont think thats what he was shaking his head at. It was probably some nerdy form of the running man from the neck up. Who knows.

A few weeks later he got my telephone number from a mutual friend and called me. He asked how long I had been living in Cincinnati and I told him 6 months. His comment was "You have been living here for 6 months and I am just now meeting you?? Thats Crazy!"
there was a brief pause and then, At the EXACT same time we both started singing Patsy Clines "Crazy". We were on the exact same note, the exact same pitch, everything. Now I dont normally sing when i hear words or anything, but when he said that word "crazy" , Patsy Cline jumped into my head and before I could stop myself I was blurting out her song...right along with charles. We both kind of stopped and started laughing. It was the most unusual phone call I have ever had.
He asked me out and the following night we went out on a date. We got lost on our way to where we were going so I said "Hey Chuck E Cheese is around here, want to go play Air Hockey?" He kind of looked at me funny and said "Are you kidding? i LOVE air hockey?" We ordered Pizza with Tomatoes and Mushrooms(according to him those are HIS fave toppings as well.) Over the next month he would show up as I was thinking about how I would love to see him, or I would think "I wish charles would call" and boom the phone would ring. I would be driving home with the kids from some activity and I would think "It would be nice if Charles were there waiting for me when we got home" and I would pull in the driveway and there was Buffy, charles piece of crap Mercury Topaz. I knew from the 1st date I would marry him. He knew from the 2nd, but took a month to finally ask me(while watching Days of Our lives in the living room of my employers house while the kids were at school) romantic huh? Yet i KNEW he was going to ask me that day. I knew he was going to give me his claddagh ring until we could go get a real ring. I was expecting it. so when he pulled off his silver claddagh I wasnt even nervous. I was thinking "Well its about time!"
we finished each others sentences etc. Even now over 11 years later we STILL have a wierd connection.
We will be sitting around and I will think to myself "Man i am craving chinese food". A few minutes later he will be like "You want chinese food dont you?" He can do that with ANy food I am craving, ice cream etc. Just out of the blue he will pop some random food or snack and say "you want such and such huh?"
Actually just a few days ago all morning I was thinking "Man I REALLY want Generals Chicken". Dont know why. He came into the piano room and said "You want Chinese food again".
I just kind of started at him through slit eyes and said "Oh you think you are so smart!"
He can be gone all day at work and come home and say "I have mmm-bop stuck in my head or "I cant get Hey there delilah out out of my head I have been singing it all day". It will happen to be the same song I myself have been singing all day. Weird random sings, like Rainbow Connection by Kermit the Frog, or Toast! by Heywood Banks. The wierdest one was "elle a fait un bebe toute seule" , a french song by J J Goldman. He doesnt even know the words except elle a fait un bebe toute seule, elle a fait un bebe toute seule..." he had that going in his head over and over and over. No reason. he just couldnt get it out. I hadnt listened to my JJ Goldman CD for months, but that morning after he was gone pulled it out and was listening to it. (so there really should have been no reason he had it running through his head. )
Here is the Video and song for all you francophiles out there.(I personally LOVE J.J. Goldman. He was HUGE while I was living there, I dont know if he is still or not.)

Is there anyone YOU have a psychic bond with? An unexplainable "I was just going to call you" or "I was just thinking about you" person?
I would love to hear about it...or am I just wierd?
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