Friday, May 2, 2008


So my in-laws left yesterday morning after a very nice visit.(Thanks for the new back tires on the Galant, and for the dinner at La Unica)

All day friday and Saturday morning I was cleaning like a madwoman. I cleaned out all the bedrooms and changed sheets, swept and mopped the bathrooms, AND folded and put away the 4 baskets of heaping laundry! The house was spotless. even OCD clean freak that is my mother could find no fault. I was gone all the rest of Saturday and part of Sunday. When we got home Sunday there they were in our driveway IN THEIR GIGANTIC MOTOR HOME!

My Husband said to me ,"Oh yeah, they're in their motor home".

HE LIED TO ME! He KNEW they were going to be in their motor home and werent going to be sleeping in our house or needing to use our bathrooms etc. He "forgot" thats how they were now traveling. In fact they hardly spent any time in our house at all, except the kitchen and piano room, which are always spotlessly clean(as it is the main area of the house that everyone sees)

I turned to him, pointing my accusatory finger and said "It was a trick! You just wanted the rest of the house clean!"

A representative for Mr.McBride neither confirmed nor denied the claim.
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