Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Things that make me happy this week

I find that in general I am a fairly cynical person. My glass tends to be half empty, my clouds never have a silver lining and I feel I am always saying "why me". So Instead of focusing on the negatives, here are 11 positives that make me happy.

1. Trader Joe's Cinnamon Schoolbook Cookies. "They're elementary, My dear Joe."
Each 1lb tub comtains cinnamon cookies in the shapes of the alphabet and 0-9. These little bite size wonders are fairly low calorie and taste like a crunchier version of snickerdoodles. You get 15 for 3 weight watchers points. A great little snack that satiates my sweet tooth yet keeps my points in reason.

2. Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. TCM was playing this the other night so I sat and watched it for the 300th time. Let me tell you why I love this movie. The acting is terrible, the musical segues are hilarious and Above all else, Benjamin. I also like saying the name Dorcas. Why Dorcas Gailen! The backdrops are so obviously fake and when the actors move or sing or dance it is glaringly obvious. There is no musical segue at all. They will be talking and next thing you know they are singing. (oh adam, Im just so happy la la la la la) I love those 7 big, brawny brawling men (why those pontipee men are all as tall as church steeples). I love when Howard Keel(Adam) is singing Bless your beautiful hide and he says "howdy ma'am" and she says "Well howdy backwoodsman". But the most important reason I Love 7BF7B is Benjamin Pontipee, played by Jeff Richards. He was so drop dead gorgeous. He wasnt a singer or dancer. They hired him because he was tall and they needed a tall man to play opposite Julie Newmar(Dorcas). You see him sing, you see him "kind" of dance, but when it gets down to the nitty gritty he usually stands in the background looking pretty doing conga thumbs.He was the brawler. He was always the one to step in and deck someone and take out 4 of his friends in the process. sigh. i love the women standing around in the middle of winter wearing their underthings and petticoats, dancing around singing "oh they say when you marry in June...". I love Millie wearing a patchwork quilt as a skirt, expecting a baby sitting in a rocking chair as if she is some sort of invalid. I love Howard Keels big booming laugh. This is just a great movie. My neice, Denice, and I used to sit and watch it and just do an entire Mystery Science Theater 3000 on it. good times. Can't want to see you in July Denice!!

3. Big Lots. I got Coppertone spray on sunscreen for $5! Usually it is 9 or 10 at the other stores. I also got a giant bx of corn pops, a giant box of cheerios for 2$ each. Cant beat Big Lots.

4. Finn. I was listening to the Top Gun soundtrack and Berlin's "Take my breath Away" came on. I was singing and Finn said "Hey mom? Why does she want her breath taken away? Wouldn't she die?" Also he is the king of asking the same question over and over, just in different ways. Did you have video games when you were little? No. only when you were big? when you were little did you have old video games? just new ones when you were big? you didnt like video games when you were little? Just when you were big. Why didnt you like video games when you were little and only when you were big? Did you not have a video game machine when you were little with old games? My mothers curse has come to fruition, he IS just like me. But he is as sweet as can be and funnier than poop on your shoe. He is always coming up with the funniest things to ask or say. And he is so loving and sweet. Sometimes he will just come up and hug me and say "I love you mom" and not be trying to butter me up for something he saw on Television. He is also the peacemaker with Peter. He will do whatever Peter wants just so Peter will play with him. He just loves and worships his big brother and is always saying "hey Peter look at this! Hey Peter! Hey Peter!"

5. The Red Leather Diary by lily Koppel. I am not happy because it was a great book, , I am happy that I am DONE reading it. Dont get me wrong, I enjoyed it. It just wasnt my cup of tea. i enjoyed the pictures and the background and I appreciated that she was so open. In fact there were parts that I could completely relate to her. BUT she was one of those wild cards that I just didnt understand her way of thinking or reasoning. Maybe I need to pull my prissie panties out of my tush and have a more open mind. I will wait to see what the other ladies thought of it at Book Club next week.

6. School is almost out and the pool opens full time soon!! Yay for the Y!! I apologize in advance to all the patrons of the Y who will soon see the great white whale. i am in the turqoise floral swimsuit. You will recognize me. I am reflective white and look like I escaped from Sea World. Hopefully by the end of the summer I will look more like a Walrus than Ahab's Obsession!

7. My garden is thriving. I already have tomatoes starting and peppers starting. I had the first blossoms on my squash and my beans are starting to send out their feelers. It is all looking so well and I am very hopeful. I have been very attentive and have been composting like crazy. In fact we put out our pulp from our juicer daily. Every day we walk past the compost bin you see a huge black fruit fly cloud. Dont walk to close or you will suck them in and swallow one(personal experience) Fruit flies do NOT taste like chicken.

8. Good Hair day. I dont know what it is. I got lucky I guess. At least I have one thing going for me.

9. Pedicure. I got a pedicure for Mothers Day last week. My feet have never looked or felt so good. It has been 2 years since my last pedicure. I am sure the woman doing my feet was thrilled to have to saw through an inch of dead calloused skin. But they are so smooth and pretty now. i need to get one of those foot baths and do them at home to keep my feet looking pretty.

10. The Home Economist. Health food and organic store in the area. They have just about every spice and herb in bulk, every rice and grain known to man. every salt, sugar and flour available on the market. We buy our wheat berries there to grow our own wheatgrass. 1.29 a pound, which will last us almost a month. You cant beat it. Well they now have the Nut Butter machine. In one side is fresh peanuts. In the other side is fresh almonds. You pick which butter you want, pick your container and push the button. The machine smooshes the nuts and out pops fresh peanut butter or fresh almond butter. No sugar or salt added, no chemicals or preservatives. It is so good I cant even describe it.

11. I have lost 4 pounds. YAY. Weight Watchers really works if you follow it carefully, measure out food and exercise. Did you know that 5 minutes on the Trampoline is like a brisk 15 minute walk?? So I think I can magane to squeeze in 10 minutes of tramp time a day and hit the Y for water aerobics or spinning or Zumba.(I will be the fat uncoordinated one in back trying to shake my groove thang)

So those were just a few things that have made me happy this past week.

Every day I will find at least 2 good things about the day or something that has made me happy.

what makes you happy?

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