Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Chocolate= happiness

Maybe it is just my hormones, but I have TOTALLY been consuming WAY too much chocolate the past 2 weeks. White, dark, milk, with peanuts and nougat, it doesnt matter. I have really been craving it.
Scientists have shown that Dark Chocolate is wonderful for your bodies. Natural anti oxidants and Manganese. You cant go wrong with a little dark chocolate in your lives (70% unprocessed cacao). What is it about chocolate that I find so completely irresistable?? As Hersheys says "chocolate is Happiness". It really is. Chocolate makes me feel happy. I eat chocolate and I get a warm rush. My skin flushes, my pupils dilate, I even start to sweat. I get the "afterglow" when I eat it.
With Valentines day coming up my DH asked me "What would you like for valentines day?" (a choco fountain so I can dip everything I eat. Like a chocolate fondue...mmm, chocolate fondue.) I wont lie, I am looking forward to ripping the top off the Whitmans Sampler and devouring every piece of candy in that box(except the chocolate covered Cherries. blech)
So as a tribute to my favorite food group, here are some etsy finds to put a little chocolate back into your lives.

A hot chocolate soy wax poured candle.
can you imagine burning this on a cold winters day??
It makes me happy just thinking about it!
this is chili chocolate spoon fudge.
slow burn, yet chilis and chocolate
are a natural combination.
milk chocolate soap with real chocolate.
I would LOVE to walk around smelling like chocolate all day.
this soap looks good enough to eat!

Chocolate Covered Pretzels are one of my favorite snacks
in the world. Add an M&M to it and even more so. YUM!!!

this is a foaming bath meringue from my shop.
It is Chocolate obsession.
Moisturizing foaming bath wash leaves you
smelling of chocolate and your friends and
coworkers following you around.
Thank you chocolate for making this world a happier place!
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