Thursday, February 14, 2008

Stop your squealing and say cheese!

Whilst "organizing"(read, finally cleaning out the photo drawer) I stumbled upon a picture that really made me laugh.

It was Taken in August of 1997, just weeks before DH and I were married. I was up visiting from North Carolina, putting all of the furniture and wedding gifts and goodies into our future apartment. I was staying with his parents, sleeping in the basement on a matress (which was the best place to sleep as it was the coolest part in the house and the weather outside was hot and humid).
At that time, DH was working 2nd shift to earn some extra money. One night he got home about 2am. He came downstairs to say good night and turned on the light. What happened next, I honestly do not know. All I know is I hear scuffling and a few curse words and flutter flutter flutter . I pop up and ask "whats wrong?"
I hear yelling from somewhere behind me "Lay down! Stay Down!"
Charles hurtles up the stairs at Superhuman speed(I dont think I have seen him move this fast in almost 11 years) and re-emerges several minutes later. He is wearing a pair of gloves and carrying what looks a pillowcase taped the the end of a broomstick. He turns on the light and the racket starts up again.
Charles gets to work. After a minute of jumping and swinging the redneck butterfly net, there is victory at last.
He reaches in and grabs the intruder. It is a little brown Bat that somehow got into the house(probably through the open window in the kitchen) and flew downstairs into the cooler basement, where he was minding his own business when my husband intruded.
Trhoughout this entire ordeal, there was a high pitched "squealing". Charles yells to me "Hey! Get the camera!!" I pulled out the trusty 35mm, point, aim and shoot.
this is what developed.(ignore the terrible picture of DH who turns on the cheese smile whenever a camera is near. You should see our wedding pictures. I swear the velveeta conventon was in town. But I digress.)

We got them developed and like most pictures, tossed the envelope onto the table for later perusal. A few days later as we were going through the pictures I looked a little more closely at the memento of our adventure. That bat was SMILING! This picture shows that the bat stopped struggling, cocked his little bat head and smiled for the photo.(Not really, but I like to think so)

You can see it a little better here:

What makes the whole thing so funny is that both the Bat AND Charles have the same smile.

Say Cheese!

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