Sunday, February 10, 2008

So I have to brag a little on myself right now.
These are my first glycerine soap attempts. They are 4oz bars.
They are pure glycerine soap with avocado, cucumber and olive oils.

I think they turned out great! And they SMELL freaking awesome.
I was REALLY pleased with how vibrant the colors were. The lather is so aundant and they leave your skin just silky smooth and hydrated and really lovely.

The Blue one is OXYGEN. It is a very green and clean smelling fragrance.
Neroli, bergamot, sandalwood and cedar. Reminds me of clean linen and irish spring all rolled into one. The blue color is a Carolina Blue and reminded me of a spring day and seemed the perfect color for this outdoorsy scent.
The Yellow Swirl is CHOCOLATE OBSESSION! This is sweet and wonderful milk chocolate mixed with jasmine, honey and a bottom lingering note of vanilla. A very grown up, indulgent chocolate. I dont like to color my soaps brown. I really like color. So yellow was the next closest thing to brown. It is a beautiful buttercup yellow.
Fuchsia Swirl is OATMEAL MILK AND HONEY. The heart of the fragrance consists of delicate notes of rose, lilac, carnation, cinnamon and nutmeg. Creamy, powder and vanilla base notes.
I really like pink, so my favorite fragrance of the three gets my favorite color approval! The fuchsia really colored the soap beautifully.

Plus I am LOVING the pictures the new camera takes, and THANK GOODNESS for Photoshop. I feel like a real pro and that my pictures can really show how lovely they are.
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As you can see by my banner the pink gerbera daisy is a running theme. I actually just got that as business cards printed up through gotprint. i think they look great. (see below)

So in all of my pictures i will have the pink Gerbera Daisy. It is kind of my trademark and running theme throughout my shop. It is really the one unifying theme.
Thats all, I was just really happy and proud at how well they turned out and I hope you like them too!(obviously they are for sale at my shop)
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