Friday, February 22, 2008

Everybody's talkin' at me, I cant hear a word they're sayin'....

So much to do! So Much to say! thank goodness for free association and lists!

1. I got into the 4 day Rock Hill Galleria Mall craft show. It is Christmas in October and will be the first Thurs-Sunday of October. I need to get tables and think of some cool displays. I will be headed there as The Balm Shoppe. My daddy and I are going to Lowes or Home depot today to look at wood and think of cool display ideas. I have a few things in mind, but am worried that they may be a little too grandiose. But he is super handy and good at making stuff, I think he is the perfect person to help me out.

2. I went to a Hot Chocolate Hodge Podge last night atMichelle's house. Just a small group of women enjoying hot chocolate, games and Krispy Kreme donut holes. We had a lot of fun and I got to know some new faces and friends! I totally kick butt at Taboo.

3. I still have my sale at The Balm Shoppe going on. 3 original lip balms for $6. Vegan or Beeswax and you choose from a huge list of flavors. So far I have sold 12 lip balms through this sale, which has been great. Hopefully I can reach the greatest amount of people and get my name out there. What I would really like to do is wholesale to gift shops etc. So who knows who these lip balms will end up with!!

4. This is still my favorite video of all time. I dont know if it was a commercial or if it was real. All I know is I laugh my tush off every time I watch it.

5.I got my new business cards a few days ago from Got Print. This was my own design that I uploaded, to go along with my shop banner and my blog banner.
They turned out SO WELL. You get the heavy cardstock paper and it comes with the glossy coating for free. The price cant be beat and they dont hound you with messages and spam like vistaprint.
I like vistaprint, dont get me wrong, but now that I have found GotPrint, I am never going back to VP for business cards. You can get 500 for 12.75 if you upload your own. It is an amazing deal and they are so professional looking. Check them out.

6. This was my favorite commercial this superbowl. Naomi Campbell cant dance worth crap, but the lizards are darn entertaining. very clever. Glad I found it on Youtube(of course you can find just about anything there!)

And Finally, my Must Have from Etsy.
This awesome necklace comes from the etsy
shop of VintageFiligree.
Isnt it stunning?? I can see that around my neck!!

And thanks to my dear friend Dana for sending me these pictures from her last visit and our trip to Monkey joes. Those two cuties are my boys Finn(left) and Peter(right)
a.k.a. Bumblebee and Optimus Prime.

I think thats enough for one day, dont you??
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