Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I-I-I-I-I I'm hooked on a feeling

I dont know why, I really needed something to make me laugh. I think this video is hilarious and watching it always makes me smile! Ooga Chucka.

I guess I am feeling a little grouchy. I dont think I slept well last night, I know for sure I had some wierd dreams.(something about reviewing an application, google adwords, a friend from highschool, cutting in line to beat a slow person getting on a plane and sasquatch??) GAH. what am I thinking about subconsiously to have such a random assortment of wierdness in my dreams? Honestly.

On a good note, last night the UPS guy came and had 9 BOXES for me. Yes, NINE! I bought shipping boxes and crinkle paper, I bought some more soap fragrances and needed some more ingredients, I got some more lip balm flavorings, I got my knuckle buster credit card imprinter and Charles(DH) got his wireless mouse he bid on from (fe)Ebay for his laptop.

I tried to open the door and the dumbass had blocked us in with our mountain of packages. They deliver to our side door, which is the door we use mostly for going in and out. So we had to push push push to get a space big enough to squeeze through and moce stuff into the house. In retrospect I suppose it would have been easier to cut through the piano room and go out the front door and around to the side of the house. But I am not that smart in the heat of the moment, and you know what they say about hindsight. It really IS always 20/20. And on another good note I now have enough packing peanuts and foam sleeves and bubble wrap to last me for the next 6 years. It is in a GIANT lawn bag, filled to the brim. Thats fine with me, now I dont have to pay for shipping cushioners!(yay. I'm being somewhat earth conscious!)

So despite my bout with "The Mondays"(which is odd, since it is actually Tuesday) I guess I am starting to feel pretty happy.

Thanks Hoff.

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