Friday, February 8, 2008

I'm going for it

Yesterday, I downloaded and filled out two applications. No not for a job, or a new puppy-for Craft Shows.
The first Application is for a juried entry craft show for one of the largest festivals in the South, "Matthews Alive". It is a 4 day festival held in historic Downtown Matthews, NC(which happens to be a block from my house!!). Over the 4 days they have 175,000 visitors!
They have games and carnival rides, bands, food, entertainment and of course arts and craft vendors. The application fee is only $10. I have to submit photos of my work, photos of me actually MAKING my work, photos of my supplies, workshop etc and pictures of my set up.
If I get in and get accepted ,THEN I pay the spot fee. That is for 3 days of A&C vending.
So I decided to strap on my boots, roll up my sleeves and jump in. I am submitting an application as The Balm Shoppe and sell my bath and body products.
I am really excited. I think I may have a shot at getting in. If I do, I have a buttload of work to do!! So over the next few weeks I am going to be taking pictures(making 'em purdy!) and making my application really stand out. I will know in May wether or not I was accepted. So please keep your fingers crossed for me! They JUST put out the applications, so I am getting mine in bright and early! It is Juried, and there are about 170 slots available. They only do a few spots of each type of craft(Jewelry being saturated). Well looking over the previous years roster, there is ONE other vendor that does bath and body products.

The second application was for a 4 day craft show at the Rock Hill Galleria Mall.(which is 20 miles from my home) It's an "everyone's invited" event and no one gets turned away.
Again I would go as The Balm Shoppe and sell my bath and beauty products.
I have also been looking into local Christmas Bazaars and more popular shows.

This is the year that I go for it. I cant be scared, I cant be worried about rejection. I have to do it and I have to go for it. I know that if I want to succeed I have to be willing to take a little rejection and go through a little uncomfortableness.
I already signed up for ProPay, I have a knuckle buster credit card imprinter, I am READY to make this happen.
I have turned over a new leaf and cant be scared to try new things. So what if I get rejected. At least I tried!

I am currently reading HANDMADE FOR PROFIT! by Barbara Brabec. She is a successful home business advisor and a leading expert on turning craft hobbies into successful businesses.
It seems promising, and she even has a whole section on craft shows, set up, checklists and more.

So wish me luck! any hints or suggestions I am happy to take them. Please just leave me a comment!
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