Saturday, February 9, 2008

It's mine Mine MINE!!! Thanks to the pictures.

HOW BEAUTIFUL IS THIS TOTE???? Well ladies and gentlemen it is off the market. This beauty was purchased by me this morning. Jealous, aren't you?? I can hear you saying to your self "Oh, how cute! I want that too!!" Well you cant, it's mine. (sticking tongue out in taunting fashion)

but in all seriousness: Do you want to know why I chose THIS particular tote?? (apart from the awesome colors and fabric that are totally my personality) There are MANY talented purse and bag makers on etsy, but ultimately the deciding factor to chose sewgracious was her pictures. The bag is AWESOME, her shop is clean and her pictures are bright. There were other bags I liked as well, but the pictures were too dark and I couldnt see exactly how bright and beautiful the fabric was, and the different views of the bag. Sewgracious has it dead on perfect. She shows you the front, back, inside, pockets everything. Her descriptions are thorough, her pictures are bright and beautiful and you can see just how professionally sewn her bags look. You can see every seam, every line, every inch of her bags. I Like that. I think most people appreciate that, and if pictures sold purses, she would be a millionaire.

I wont lie I spent a good 48 minutes and 27 seconds perusing "tote bags" and "Amy Butler tote bags". There were PAGES and PAGES of totes and purses and handbags (along with tag abuse items that I immediately flagged. Thats right! I'm in a flaggin mood this morning kids!) I favorited several new sellers, I compared, I hemmed and hawed. This purse was more expensive then 2 others I really liked. Usually I am an advocate of "on sale", "Clearance" or "cheaper". However, in the end, I decided on this beauty from Sewgracious because of the wonderful pictures. They HONESTLY were the deciding factor.

Then my next battle was to choose WHICH bag from Sewgracious. seriously, her shop is to die for. But when I die I will be buried with this bag, so grubby paws off ya vultures!!

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