Sunday, February 24, 2008

I'm Goin' wholesale

As many of you know, I make gourmet lip balms. I have beeswax and vegan gourmet balms in 3 different blends.(Original, healing and TLC). I have a goal to get my name out there as a great balm maker and eventually make a living on my bath and body products. However, my gourmet balms have pricey ingredients in them. I know I will be harassed by people at craft shows to lower my pricing. I am POSITIVE that there are people out there who look for nothing more than the cheapest they can find. I expect to get comments like "I can get it for cheaper at the dollar store".
I would like to sell my gourmet lip balms wholesale as well. I think people would be willing to pay 2.99 a tube for it at their local gift shop, pharmacy etc the way they do Burts Bees(I want to give BB a run for their money!). I dont think I would have any problems getting into nice shops and boutiques. And, I think I would do well at Craft shows.
That's not the issue plaguing me. What I AM grappling with is "Cheap" (UGH, I hate that word.)

I believe whole heartedly in my lip balm. I think it is honestly the best balm out on the market. I have worked for several years perfecting the recipes, and developing a product line. It is a GOURMET Lip Balm. It is full of high end, lip pampering ingredients. That is not cheap. So to make those wholesale(to where I actually make a small profit that doesnt get reinvested back into materials etc) they would HAVE to retail for almost 3.00 a tube. I would be able to wholesale them for 1.40 a tube.

But there are always THOSE PEOPLE. The "I can get it cheaper elsewhere" or the "It's nice, but I dont want to pay $2.75 for a tube of lip balm" or "Hey Shelia, doesnt your sister make lip balm out of crisco??How much would she charge me for a cup of it?" It is inevitable, I am well aware. It is a part of life and part of the crafting experience.
So, how do I keep my gourmet balms higher end yet appease the bargain hunters?? How do I make a profit on wholesale balms that can be sold cheaply, yet still be worthy of THE BALM SHOPPE name?? I have found a solution.

Introducing my EVERYDAY BALM.

This balm is vegan. The base consists of Soybean Oil and Candelilla Wax. Add to it cocoa butter and palm kernel oil, then wonderful aloe butter, jojoba, shea oil, castor, rice bran, and almond oils. It is a fantastic balm that is worthy of The Balm Shoppe label. Smooth and Creamy, an all around economy balm that is sure to please the bargain hunters and wholesalers as well. It is truly an everyday balm that anyone can use. i think it will especially appeal to teenage girls. It is inexpensive, it comes in awesome girly flavors AND the castor oil leaves a great shine on the lips to rival Bonnie Bell!

I can sell it to the cheapo's at the craft shows. I can put labels on it and use it to promote my shop. I can hand them out as free gifts with purchase. I can do a buy one get one with them. It is a great economic balm that I can sell wholesale for a reasonable price and then in turn the wholesalers can retail for a price that most people would be willing to pay. It is a happy medium that I can live with and not feel as though I have compromised myself.

Now, to find a label I am happy with. There is the label above, or this one:

Any input would be appreciated on the labels. Leave me a comment and let me know which label you prefer! Top one or this bottom one.

may your lips be smooth and supple...

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