Saturday, February 23, 2008

star wars...nothing but star wars...

Every time I see this video, I cringe. This POOR WOMAN! But thats the life of a pageant girl. You do what you gotta do to get remembered. And now she is immortalized forever! BUT she made a great topc for my blog this morning. So I thank you Miss Douglas, Stacey Hedger.

Now here are some talented folks who REALLY know how to do star wars.

Get out your knitting needles ladies! This pattern will help you create the hairstyle of the millenium!
AnsleyBleu over at etsy has this cinnamon bun-a-riffic Princess Leia hair pattern. You will be the hit of any Convention!
Now all I need is a Gold Bikini and my husband can be Jabba the Hutt!

I am totally buying these for my husband who is a HUGE Star Wars Geek(I mean fan). These cufflinks are from the etsy shop of, you guessed it, Cufflinks.
These storm troopers would look great in the cuff of any Star Wars geek on your list!

This is a stained glass portrait of my favorite character from Star Wars, Yoda.
This beauty was done by FishInTheC.
hang it as a picture. I personally would put it in a window and let Yoda fill the room on a sunny day. Clever, you are.

These Light Saber earrings rock my world. They are lego earrings by Heavenandthehell.
available in yellow too!
pair them with that leia pattern from ansley bleu and you re good to go!

My sentiments exactly LizStaley.
great little badge to show your true feelings about Young Skywalker.

A very clever take on Starry Night by Van Gogh, this Star Wars night by Newbpainter is a winner. I love it. Very clever and different. This print would be perfect for any geek room.


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