Friday, February 15, 2008

Foaming Bath Butter...a.k.a. foaming Bath Meringue, Bath Souffle , whipped bath butter, and as Gudonyatoo calls it "whipped Clean"(TM)
It is a concentrated soap base that you whip with various oils of your choosing to make light and fluffy whipped soap. Bath Meringue is a soft fluffy consistency. Put on a bath poof and raise an army of suds. Use as a shaving lotion and your legs will be "as smooth as a baby's butt"(according to kviolet1). Foaming bath soap leaves your skin feeling soft, smooth, sexy and clean.

You can color and add fragrance to it, just like other soap and bath products. A little bit goes a long way!
You can buy the base at a number of online retailers. It is semi-expensive, about 4.50 a pound, 5 to 10 pound minimum purchase. Try these as a supplier. Search for Foaming Bath Butter, or foaming butter base. Or you can google it. (VERY nice base, fast shipping, Reasonably priced) (Nice base as well. Fast shipping, reasonable pricing) (same brand as Chemistrystore, BUT they have a $10 convenience fee if you dont spend a minimum of $100)
You can buy beautiful cosmetic jars from various retailers online.
you have to whip at least 2 lbs at a time and make sure you whip it enough. There is nothing worse than bath butter that has been underwhipped. It is greasy and heavy and NOT awesome.
The same can be said for OVERwhipped butter. If you whip it TOO much it will start to break down.
1. Start with your desired amount, lets say 2 lbs. Kind of start to break it up with your mixer.
2. Add your oils (about 2 oz per pound). Make sure the oils you use are light and easily absorbed by the body. (jojoba, sunflower, sweet almond, grapeseed). Whip the hell out of them with your mixer until doubled in size. It will be fluffy, a little heavier than cool whip.
3. Once you are there, add your fragrance and color, whip a little more to incoporate.
4. Spoon into a cosmetic jar, put on your labels, and voila!
See how pretty they look??

You can give them as great gifts, sell them at craft shows or online. EVERYONE loves body products.
For great selection of fragrances try : majestic mountain sage. They have, hands down, the BEST frangrances anywhere. - Chemistry store has great fragrances as well, including a lot of "types" at reasonable prices) they have some beautiful scents available. I LOVE the wild Mountain Honey. -great shipping, nice selection with lots of popular "types" as well.
dont feel like making your own?? just go to!
30 fragrances to choose from, including several very popular Types, such as Lavander Feur, Pear Glace, Pink Sugar Aquolina, Lemon Sugar and more.
Make showering fun again!
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