Saturday, February 16, 2008

My biological clock is ticking...well not really.

Looking at this child makes my non-existant biological clock start to tick.
no, not really, but seeing that sweet laugh puts a smile on my face.

See, I am not a baby person. If I could give birth to a 7 month old, I would. I would completely skip the whole newborn stage. I just hate it. I hate the crying and total dependence and waking every 3 hours to feed. If a woman has a little baby and she asks if anyone wants to hold it, I am the first one running to the door. I Just dont do babies. Including my own kids. Isn't that terrible?? I loved my babies, but I LOVED it when my babies turned about 6 months. They start crawling and sitting up and getting more independent, and reacting and playing.

But I saw this video on You Tube and just fell in love with this child.

Just the simple joy of this child as his mom and dad say "bong". To be 8 months old again and have that kind of simple joy and outlook on life.
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